Paul Walker Will Remain In Fast & Furious 7 Using Body Doubles And CGI Effects

The fate of Fast & Furious 7 was thrown into doubt when its leading man Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash last November, but thanks to movie magic he’ll maintain his starring role in the latest film of fast cars and big explosions.

Filming began again in downtown Atlanta this week after the movie went on forced hiatus after Paul’s death and the production team determined a way to keep the late actor in the film without sacrificing his part.


“They have hired four actors with bodies very similar to Paul’s physique and they will be used for movement and as a base,” a source close to production told New York Daily News. “Paul’s face and voice will be used on top using CGI.”

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Universal Pictures confirmed Paul’s presence in the film back in December, but didn’t detail at the time how it would keep the star in the picture.

“Continuing the global exploits in the franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker lead the returning cast of ‘Fast & Furious 7,’ which will be released by Universal Pictures on April 10, 2015,” the studio had said in a statement.

The special effects keeping the action star in the film was option number one for Universal and the producers, which include Paul’s good friend and co-star Vin Diesel, according to the source.

Vin talked about the last scene he shot with Paul on his Facebook and the film’s renewed sense of purpose in the wake of the tragedy.

“There was a unique sense of completion, of pride we shared … in the film we were now completing … the magic captured … and, in just how far we’ve come … ‘Fast and Furious 7’ will be released … April 10th 2015! P.S. He’d want you to know first,” he wrote.

He wrote later, “The transition into that Dom state of mind has always been an interesting one. Only this time there is added purpose, a collective goal to make this the best one in the series.”