Paris Hilton Trips Over Feuding Czech Photographers

Paris Hilton fell victim to a swarm of vicious paparazzi in Prague, causing her to trip and injure her chin.

The socialite, who is currently on tour with her boyfriend Benji Madden and his band Good Charlotte, decided to see the sights of the Czech Republic capital on Sunday when the snappers began to flock.

The loved-up pair ducked into a local restaurant to escape the frenzy, but when exiting the eatery Paris tripped over feuding rival photographers and grazed her chin on the floor.

The 27-year old also caused pandemonium on Thursday at Istanbul airport when paparazzi congregated around her ahead of her stint as a judge in the Miss Turkey 2008 contest.

Click here to see photos of Paris in Prague, and that not-so-pleasant injury on her chin.

Truly inspirational!