Paris Hilton Never Takes Out Her Own Trash, Has Never Cleaned a Toilet


It seems that in recent years, Paris Hilton has tried to shake off her overly-posh and ditsy persona in interviews, but in her latest one she has come over all old Paris again. These days calling herself a DJ, Paris admits that she rarely cleans up after herself. When asked if she takes out her own trash, she notes that she might during Christmas but not usually because that is peasant work obviously:

“You mean take out my own trash? [Thinks.] Well, I guess Christmas time… when they get stacked up, I take out stuff if it stinks. Actually, I’m lying a little — I never take out the trash!”

And when asked if she has ever cleaned a toilet, Paris says she simply never has:

“Hell no! I’ve never actually cleaned a toilet!”

Shockingly, Paris does say that she has hit up a few dollar stores in the past and even finds them “fun”. I guess you can laugh at the peasants you see there and buy stuff for cheap novelty value. She said:

“I love doing things like that. I’ve been a couple of times. Especially when we were in the random towns in the middle of America — there were only 99-cent stores. Sweets, soaps and all the usual things.”

Paris also says she feels sorry for Hollywood girls who lose their way in life (hint hint, Lindsay Lohan):

“I feel really sorry for the girls in Hollywood who have these promising careers and all of a sudden all these bad things happen, and you don’t see them get back on track properly. I think it has something to do with they [sic] family in some situations.”