Paris Hilton: ‘Kim Kardashian Has A Cottage Cheese Butt’

Paris Hilton has groveled to her former best friend Kim Kardashian after likening her ass to cottage cheese.

The dimwitted socialite told a Las Vegas radio show on Monday: “I would not want [Kim’s butt] — it’s gross! It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.”

However, when the insults were posted all over the web, sorry Paris realised she overstepped the mark.

Speaking to In Touch, the Good Charlotte groupie said: “I was just joking around and I made a stupid joke. I felt really bad afterward, so I contacted Kim and apologized. It was a silly thing to say. Kim’s hot!”

Kim graciously accepted the apology, saying: “Paris and I have been friends since we were kids and I’m glad she made the effort to say she’s sorry.”

Click here to see Kim Kardashian’s cottage cheese derriere.