Paris Hilton Forced To Give Up Monkey Luv

Paris Hilton has been forced to give up her latest pet  a baby monkey known as Baby Luv.

Hilton bought the monkey (officially a kinkajou) along with a goat and three ferrets during a trip to Las Vegas in the summer.

Earlier this month, while lingerie shopping, Baby Luv drew attention to himself for a change by clawing his mistresses face.

However, it was recently revealed that Baby Luv is not legally allowed to be kept as a pet and Paris was been ordered by the California Department for Fish and Game to get rid of her monkey.

She of course refused, and an official was sent to her house to retrieve the animal.

A friend of the heiress told the Daily Star that Paris was left weeping over her loss.

She went on saying: Paris adores animals but she’s too impulsive and often buys exotic pets without understanding how to care them or whether they can legally be kept as pets.

She recently fell in love with a baby kangaroo while filming in Queensland and asked for it to be boxed up and shipped back home.

But she was forced to send it back when she discovered they grow up to be very violent.

It’s the same with Baby Luv. She had no idea she was breaking the law when she smuggled him into LA.

But she worships Baby Luv and is determined to get him back