Paramore Reveal New Album Details

Paramore have announced the first details for their fourth album.

Singer Hayley Williams released an update on the band’s official website about the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Brand New Eyes’.

While they are yet to announce the album’s title, they did reveal that they have completed one track, entitled ‘Daydreaming’.

They also confirmed that the album is being produced by is Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who’s previously worked with Beck and M83.

“The guys and I went in to record a song for our 4th album about a week and a half ago, it was all very exciting. At the end of our time in the studio, it was clear to us that this was definitely right!” the Ignorance star explained.

“So without delaying any longer, we would like to announce that our 4th album’s producer is Justin Meldal-Johnsen. And what the heck, we might as well tell you that the one song we recorded will be called Daydreaming.”

The emo rockers warned fans not to expect the album anytime soon – Hayley said that the writing of the record “ridiculously draining”, but that the “flood gates burst open in January”.

“The first few months of writing were ridiculously draining and a lot more of a pain than a pleasure. It was supposed to be fun right? We made it all the way to this point to just struggle some more.” She explained. “So, you can probably imagine that when the flood gates burst this past January and inspiration started filling us up again, we were more than willing to let it take us wherever it wanted. We’ve written a lot of songs I never thought we would write. And we aren’t done yet! The writing will continue even as we enter the studio.”

Paramore will play the Reading and Leeds festivals this summer, before headliners The Cure.

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