Paige Reifler Bombarded With Death Threats Over Harry Styles Romance: Should One Direction Fans Back Off?

Those One Direction fans are definitely protective of their boys and as per usual, when there are romance rumours surrounding one of them – in this case, Harry Styles – they’ve been quick to take to Twitter to voice their opinions on the whole thing.

Model Paige Reifler caused quite a stir last week when she allegedly revealed to The Mirror that she WAS seeing Hazza, so much so, in fact, that she has reportedly been receiving death threats on Twitter.

However, not one to take the comments lying down, Paige took to Twitter to post, according to SugarScape: “I hope you all know that giving die threats is a crime.

“I could report you to the police. The hate can also be reported.”

Paige Reifler is thought to have deleted her ‘death threat’ tweets (FameFlyNet UK)

But, these comments have since been deleted. It seems like any girl that is linked to the curly haired singer attracts such attention, with fans also not taking to kindly to his romance with Taylor Swift or Caroline Flack. Is it time that they gave Haz’s “ladies” a break? What do you think?

The romance rumours surrounding Paige and Harry originally started last year, when the couple were thought to have been photographed at a party kissing, and although they died down a little at the start of this year, it seems like things are now back ON between the pair.

Is that Harry? The photo that everybody talking, last year (Instagram/Walter Martinez)

In news that broke hearts across the globe, Paige addressed the dating claims, after they were spotted together at a party at Shoreditch House, last week.

Paige told the publication, after seeing the reports after the pair’s recent meet up: “I went to the Warner party at Shoreditch House with a friend and saw him there.

“The next morning I woke up and I was in all of the newspapers and magazines. I wasn’t expecting that, it’s not like that in New York.”

Then, when asked about whether or not she’s still dating the curly haired hunk, she said: “Yes, I am seeing him.”

Paige allegedly confirmed that she’s ‘seeing’ Mr. Styles (Instagram/Walter Martinez)

Despite the pair going on dates, it seems like a proper relationship is not on the cards just yet.

“Paige is completely smitten with him but realistic that their crazy lives mean it might not be able to develop into anything serious at this stage,” an insider told The Mirror.

Maybe 1D fans can breathe a sigh of relief, then!