Ozzy Osbourne’s Eldest Son Louis Is Declared Bankrupt

Ozzy Osbourne’s eldest son, Louis, who has previously featured on the family’s fly on the wall TV show has reportedly been declared bankrupt.

The 38-year-old musician, who is close to his rock star father and his other famous relatives, has suffered financial difficulties according to court papers.

The father of two, who is Ozzy’s son from his first marriage before he married X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne, previously lived in America before returning back to the UK.

Black Sabbath singer Ozzy and his wife Sharon are reportedly worth more than £100 million and their fortune is set to rise since Sharon returned on the ITV show for £1.8 million deal.

The couple, who have three children together, Jack, Aimee and Kelly, own mansions in Beverly Hills and in Buckinghamshire.

Ozzy and Sharon with their daughter Kelly (Photo: WENN)

In comparison to the high profile Osbournes, Louis, whose mother Thelma was married to the singer for nearly 10 years, lives a much quieter life in Birmingham.

The musician lives in a £250,000 semi-detached house with his actress wife Louise and is listed on his court bankruptcy papers as a “music industry professional”.

In an interview in 2011, Louis said he gets on well with half-sisters Aimee and Kelly and half-brother Jack, but said their busy work schedules make family gatherings difficult.

He said: “I don’t travel half as much as I used to and they are in America.

“There is more chance of us seeing each other in a random New York hotel than us all getting round a table for a Sunday lunch. We meet on special occasions.”

Sharon recently revealed in her new book ‘Unbreakable’ that she was close to divorcing Ozzy after 32 years of marriage after he started drinking and taking drugs again.

The couple lived apart earlier this year but later reconciled when he agreed to go to alcoholics anonymous and they went to therapy together.

Legal papers lodged at Birmingham County Court state that Louis petitioned himself for bankruptcy.