Ouch! Kim Kardashian Picks Adrienne Bailon Over Rita Ora As A Potential Sister-In-Law

They may have engaged in a bit of a Twitter spat, but it appears that Adrienne Bailon would still be welcomed into the Kardashian family after Keeping Up With The Kardashians beauty Kim revealed that she would choose the TV and music star over Rita Ora to be her sister-in-law.

Having been put on the spot by TV host Andy Cohen for his show, Watch What Happens Live, when he quizzed her about brother Rob’s former flames, Kimmy responded with:

“I would say Adrienne Bailon cause she was in our lives for a long time and I know she’s a really sweet girl and she has good intentions and she has a good heart.”

Whilst Adrienne made regular appearances on KUWTK when she was seeing Rob, Rita’s name was omitted from the episodes that documented the moment her romance with Rob came to an end in 2012.

Kim would choose Adrienne as her sister-in-law over Rita Ora (FameFlyNet)

And it appears that it was her regular appearances that Adrienne had an issue with when she spoke of her regret at appearing in the reality TV show. Speaking to Latina magazine, the star admitted:

“To be stuck with that Kardashian label, that was so hurtful to me and to my career. I probably realised that too late—not that it would’ve affected my decisions in terms of who I dated, but it would’ve affected my decision to appear on the show.”

Annoyed with the comments that she made, Kim fired back on Twitter, commenting:

“Funny how she says being with a Kardashian hurt her career yet the only reason she has this article is bc she is talking about a Kardashian… So sad when people try to kick my brother when he is down #FamilyForever.”

But despite their little feud, it appears Kim still has love for Rob’s former love.

Kimmy appeared on Watch What Happens Live (FameFlyNet)

Moving on from Rob and who she would prefer to have as a sister-in-law, Kim also recalled who the worst guest from her wedding was. However, the media savvy reality TV star held back from revealing the name and identity.

Instead, she told the host: “As much as I want to say, and I have such a good one, I don’t want to out her…

“There was one guy and one girl who were completely wasted — actually there was a couple… He wasn’t that drunk but one of our hair guys split his pants dancing to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ and had to run out and he was so embarrassed.”

Oh to be a fly on the wall at her wedding!