Ouch! Beyonce Takes A Tumble On Stage In Lisbon (WATCH)

Beyoncé’s concerts always have plenty of memorable moments for her fans, but unfortunately at her most recent concert in Lisbon, she created a moment that she probably would rather forget. During her final show for her Mrs. Carter tour, Beyoncé tripped and fell while performing one of her songs.

Although the concert took place at the end of March, somehow the footage is only making headlines now. The short 33-second clip shows Beyoncé attempting to climb up some stairs, but she unfortunately trips on the steps, falls over, and then ends up on all fours.

In typical Beyoncé style however, she didn’t let it upset her. She got right back up and continued what she was originally trying to do.

Beyonce just wrapped up her Mrs. Carter tour (Daniel Tang/WENN.com)

Of course, her incredibly supportive fans gave her moral support and cheered her on right after the fall. Realizing how much her fans love her, Beyoncé then acknowledged them and then clicked her heels to show she’s bounced back from the fall.

This isn’t the first time Beyoncé has fallen on stage. In 2007, she famously did a somersault on stage when she fell down a long flight of stairs.

“I fell head first, hit my chin. I really was bruised up,” she revealed to CNN at the time “It went by so fast. I just kept thinking, ‘You better get up.’ [Laughs] … I went into an immediate head-bang. I don’t know what that was about, but I guess I was so shaken, I was like, ‘Just go for it. Do it harder.’ Whenever I do something like that, I always perform really, really hard ’cause it makes me a little mad at myself, so I just go crazy. So they got a really good show at the end.”

Watch the fall during her recent Lisbon show below: