Ouch! Anne Hathaway Told Kristen Stewart ‘Break A Leg’ As Twilight Star Hobbled Onto Oscars Stage

Kristen Stewart and her crutches was one of the biggest talking points on last night’s Oscars red carpet, even Best Supporting Actress winner Anne Hathaway managed to tear her eyes away from her new gong to joke with the Twilight star about her fashion accessories!

Poor Kristen was forced to walk the red carpet at the 85th Academy Awards in LA with the aid of crutches after cutting her foot on glass days before the big night. Whilst the star managed to pose for the cameras without her crutches, she looked in obvious pain as she prepared to take to the stage to present an award with Daniel Radcliffe.

Whilst backstage Kristen bumped into Anne who had just accepted her Best Supporting Actress gong for Les Miserables. According to the Associated Press, Kristen was soon explaining her injury to the award-winning actress with Anne reportedly exclaiming: “Oh no!” when she saw Stewart’s crutch.

“I know, I’m an idiot,” Stewart replied. “But congratulations!” she said, eyeing Hathaway’s Oscar. “Please tell me you’re going on stage with those [crutches],” Hathaway replied but Kristen was quick to reassure her insisting “Nope, I’m gonna hobble.”

Anne then apparently showed her sense of humour, quipping “Well, break a leg . . . Oops!” Oh Anne!

Stewart then explained her injury, adding “I just hope [the wound] doesn’t open up right now.”

Ouch! Luckily Kristen seemed to get through her stint on the stage without incident, although she was noticeably limping. Stewart’s glam squad elaborated on their client’s unfortunate injury backstage telling Us Weekly:”She had sliced her foot and everyone was worrying about would she wear heels or flats or one heel, crutches or no crutches,” said manicurist Ashlie Johnson

“She tried so many options, she was really a trouper.”

Despite her accident, the actress was apparently cheered up by her pre-Oscars get-togeteherwith her mates: “Kristen was nervous about her crutches so having her friends around playing music was just what she needed,” hairstylist Danilo said. “We all were trying to make her feel better and her friends were trying to tell her she’d be fine, she has insecurities about being in front of people so today was even tougher.”

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