Oprah Winfrey Slams Reports That ‘Sofa Jumping’ Ruined Tom Cruise’s Romance With Katie Holmes

t was the most bizarre moment of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s relationship and now Oprah Winfrey has hit back at claims that the ‘sofa jumping’ incident on her show in 2005 doomed their romance forever.

The couple broke up two weeks ago when the 33 year-old Dawson’s Creek star filed for divorce from her husband of five years.

When approached in Washington DC yesterday (July 11) by TMZ the legendary TV presenter seemed quite annoyed that there was any chance that the interview where Tom jumped on the sofa and declared himself in love with the actress played any part in their split.

Branding it “ridiculous” and laughing the presenter completely dismissed the claims.

In the interview from 2005 Oprah seemed shocked by Cruise’s OTT behaviour. At the time there was speculation that their relationship was a “showmance” to improve Tom’s image as the couple were pretty public with their feelings.

Before he jumped on the sofa Oprah asked him: “I have known you for quite a while . . . and you are such an intensely private person and now you’re out everywhere kissing and hugging,”

“What has happened to you?”

At this point Tom climbed onto the sofa and began fist pumping the air shouting that he was in love.

“We’ve never seen you behave this way before,” A stunned Oprah commented.

“Have you ever felt this way before?” she asked him.

Getting little response from the star she finally said: “You’re gone!”

“I’m gone and I don’t care!” he replied before heading backstage and dragging Katie out infront of the studio audience.

What do you think? Did Tom making the romance so public lead put more pressure on the couple? Would they still be together if he hadn’t been so open with his feelings?