The One-Finger Selfie Challenge – social media’s latest craze is NSFW

The One-Finger Selfie Challenge is social media’s latest craze and the best thing about crazes are that they’re crazy! This particular challenge started off with a Japanese manga-style image and then the internet went nuts when selfie-obsessed instagrammers found another excuse to post pictures of their hot bods naked.

The idea is simple, you take a photo of yourself in a state of undress in front of the mirror and using one finger, you cover all your NSFW bits up. Instantly creating a photo that’s guaranteed to get some likes on your Instagram account.

Here’s the best One-Finger Selfie Challenge images on the net…

This is the image that started the One-Finger Selfie craze

The original One-Finger Selfie Japanese Manga image

The original One-Finger Selfie Japanese Manga image that started the internet craze

The the internet went nuts for the One-Finger Selfie Challenge

The One-Finger Selfie pose is pretty straightforward


Stand in front of the mirror and place your index finger very carefully between the camera lens and the mirror

Make sure you cover your nipples and your genitals


Perhaps choose a more picturesque location?

Keep your finger very still


It’s almost like an optical illusion

How many fingers does it take to make this work?


It’s a One-Finger Selfie, durgh!

You can strike a cool pose


And still make it work. Nice tattoos with a Japanese flavor!

Remember it’s a craze started by a Manga image


This naked lady almost got the pose perfect

Bathroom’s are the most popular place to take the shot


And you don’t have to be totally naked to take your selfie

You can actually still be dressed


Just place that one finger in exactly the right place whilst flashing

The classic One-Finger Selfie works best


There’s no real need to deviate from the classic pose

The lazy one finger pose


Of course, there’s always someone who will bend the rules out of sheer laziness

Half undressed kinda works too


If you really can’t get that finger aligned, just leave your undies on

You can’t beat the original though


Once you get the knack for the One-Finger pose

Japanese craze by Japanese ladies


This one is a bit of a close shave

There is an art to this


That some are yet to master

Not everyone gets the rules


And good to see you’re keeping up with dental hygiene

Still makes for fun photos though


There’s a big tattoo contingent behind the craze

So good she posed twice


Really, you’re showing off if you can do this selfie twice!

The classic One-Finger Selfie pose is what it’s all about


It really is that easy!

How about you try the One-Finger Selfie photo at home, you just need a mirror, a camera and a finger!