One Direction’s Zayn Malik: ‘I Get Distracted By Cute Girls’

One Direction’s Zayn Malik may have publicly announced he’s beyond sick of the cheating rumours that surround him, but he really didn’t help matters when he told the press how he finds “cute girls” distracting…

Oh Zayn, you’re such a silly!

The ultra-attractive Zayn Malik, adored by One Direction fans everywhere, recently revealed to Bop magazine that he finds himself easily distracted in concert when he spots a cute girl in the audience.

“I can see a cute girl in the audience and get distracted by that.”

We’ve all been there.

However, before over-eager 1D fans start plotting the demise of his relationship with Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards, Zayn has a genuinely good excuse for eyeballing the pretty ones at his live performances:

“It’s nice to have someone who catches your eye in the audience and catches your attention, because then you can kind of sing to her and perform to her a little bit!”

By which he means that, by singling out a girl to direct the song to, Zayn can bring a touch of intimacy to an otherwise packed-out audience. Pretty smart going, eh?

In fact, he seems more loved up with Perrie than ever before; he recently chose to stay home and watch his girlfriend perform her new single on TV then head off for Liam Payne’s birthday celebrations.

He tweeted:

“Little mix were sick on red or black tonight ! The singles wiked man (not that I’m biased at all) Aha ! 🙂 x”

He later added:

“You can get @LittleMixOffic new single *WINGS* on iTunes here 😀 x”

Free promotion? It MUST be true love; sorry Zayn fans.