One Direction’s Niall Horan Gets Turned Away From Liam Payne’s Birthday Bash: ‘I’m The Cute Blonde One!’

The One Direction boys were out in full force last night (August 25) for Liam Payne’s birthday. However, it was a bit of a close call for band member Niall, who nearly got turned away from his pals birthday bash because the bouncer didn’t know who he was! Whaat?

Here at Entertainmentwise, we thought pretty much everybody in the entire world was caught up in One Direction mania that’s slowly taking over the world. However, it seems that not everyone is a fan as a bouncer at Funky Buddha in Mayfair didn’t know who Niall was…even when he told him he was in 1D! Where on earth have you been hiding for the past few years Mr. Bouncer?

According to The Mirror, an eyewitness who watched Niall try and enter the club said that the ‘bouncer hadn’t even heard of 1D’.

Niall Horan parties it up for Liam’s birthday (Photo: WENN)

The conversation went like this…

“Don’t you know who I am?”

“Well, no, actually.”

“Have you heard of One Direction?”

“Er, I think my daughter is a fan…”

“I’m the cute little Irish one who always does the point! Look, see my point! I’m pointing!”

“Sorry mate, I’ll have to get the manager.”

Fortunately for Niall, the manager definitely knew who the boys were and they were in in no time. Phew!

Do you really still need ID when you’re 1 fifth of the world’s biggest boyband out there at the minute?

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