One Direction’s Harry Styles Admits He Would ‘Rather Have Zayn Malik’s Hair’

Harry Styles may be famous for his curly haired locks, but the 1D cutie has now revealed that he’d much prefer to have band mate Zayn Malik’s hair because ‘it looks cool.’

Harry may be the envy of majority of the male population, but this doesn’t stop him envying Zayn’s slick style.

“I would probably steal Zayn’s hair. I think it looks cool,” he admitted when asked which quality he would take from his bandmates, according to Cover Media.

And the popular band member isn’t the only one that loves Zayn’s barnet it seems, as 1D’s hair stylist Lou Teasdale has also admitted she loves the singer’s hair.

Speaking to The X Factor Style Blog L-Teazel revealed: “Zayn, because he lets me do what I want with it, I think he has the coolest hair.”

But, it seems like Harry is definitely doing something right, as the British boybander has recently bagged country singer Taylor Swift…so what is it about Mr. Styles that people seem to love so much?

Would Harry look better with a Zayn style quiff? (Photo: WENN)

His One Direction colleagues were certainly quick to pick up on his best points, which included his toned torso.

“I want Harry’s abs,” Niall admitted.

The other boys seemed to focus a little more on personality traits, rather than good looks. Whereas Zayn may have the best hairdo, the 19-year-old claims he doesn’t have the confidence to go with it.

“I would probably take Louis’ humour because he is really funny and confident. I would take his confidence,” he confessed.

Louis himself added: “Liam’s level head to realise when the right time to stop is, or Niall’s just carefree, loving life, love everyone who lives…”

“I was going to say Niall’s carefreeness or maybe Harry’s diet, because my diet is terrible,” Liam explained.

What do we think Directioners? Do the boys need to change anything about themselves or are they perfect the way they are?