One Direction Slammed By Animal Rights Charity For Chaining Up Chimp In New Music Video

One Direction released some super cute images of them posing with a chimpanzee called Eli earlier today, on the set of their brand new Steal My Girl music video. However, as the day has gone on, the pics have started to get a slightly different reaction, with animal rights charity PETA getting involved.

Although many will have missed the wire on first glance, people have now started to notice it, with the animal being visibly tied up. According to The Mirror, the charity even have evidence that the owners of the monkeys have been locking them up for up to 18 hours a day in cramped cages.

“PETA has been in touch with the band, and will be writing to them again today, to advise them that the animal trainer who supplied the chimpanzee for their latest video has been cited numerous times for shocking violations of the very minimal standards of the US Animal Welfare Act, including for failure to provide adequate veterinary care, locking chimpanzees and orang-utans in ‘night housing’ (small cages) for up to 18 hours a day with no enrichment items, failure to supply adequate shelter from the elements, denying animals adequate space and failure to provide adequate ventilation, clean cages and proper feeding,” a spokesperson for the charity said.

Chimpanzee Eli is obviously tied up (PR)

They then added: “In natural environments, chimpanzees build nests, forage for natural foods, make and use tools, groom each other and raise families, but in the entertainment industry, it is standard practice for chimpanzees to be torn from their mothers at birth and trained under the threat of punishment to perform unnatural tricks for human amusement, only to be discarded at roadside zoos just a few years later.

PETA have asked the boys to not include footage of Eli in the video (PR)

“PETA is asking that the boys immediately cut the scene with the chimpanzee and the other wild animals, pledge never to work with wild animals again and donate a percentage of the proceeds from the song to an organisation that rescues chimpanzees and cares for them properly,” they then finished up by saying.

The Steal My Girl music video is due to premiere in full tomorrow at 4pm, so the band and their team don’t have too long to decide what they’re doing!