One Direction: From Harry Styles To Niall Horan, Who’s Got The Best Facial Fuzz?

One Direction debuted their first fragrance last night in London, One Moment, but while the night was meant to be all about the lad’s scent, it was their facial fuzz that really got us interested.

When the ‘Kiss You’ babes first burst onto the scene on 2010’s X Factor, the baby faced fivesome couldn’t have looked more adorably young but fastforward three years and the lads appear to be aiming for a more manly look, with varying degrees of success.

Check out our countdown of One Direction’s attempt at facial hair.

5. Harry Styles

Harry at last night’s perfume launch (PRPhoto)

Harry gets off lightly in the bad facial hair countdown, for the simple reason that he doesn’t have any. Styles might like his ladies more mature but that doesn’t mean that he likes his face to look more mature too.

The ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swift prefers to keep his face shaven, and lets his lustrous mane do all the talking for him. Good idea Harry.

4. Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik at last night’s launch (PRPhoto)

While some of the boys’ struggle with facial hair, or lack of it, leaves them looking younger than they did before the facial hair, Zayn manages to wear facial hair like a bit of a pro. The boyfriend of Little Mix’s Perry Edwards can often be seen sporting stubble and manages to pull it off to a level that we feel is competent, as he exhibited some real stubble at last night’s perfume launch. We still love his baby face but if he wants to experiment with some stubble then you carry on Zayn.

3. Liam Payne

Liam has been sporting some interesting hair chances lately, most prominently his decision to shave off his once artfully-cropped, Bieber-esque locks and now he seems to have favoured growing hair on his face as oppose to his head.

Liam Payne: Not as impressive as Zayn’s facial hair (PRPhoto)

Liam’s facial hair was on full display at their perfume launch last night, in a bid to look more rugged perhaps? Could Liam’s stubble be a cry for help after his break up with long-term girlfriend Danielle Peazer last month?

2. Niall Horan

At last night’s launch Niall was seen showing some ‘barely there’ stubble, but that could be down to the reality that his stubble is in fact ‘barely there’.

Niall Horan is still as baby faced and cute as ever #Swoonerific (PRPhoto)

After revealing on Twitter last month that he has finally started to grow facial hair, the 19-year-old looks to finally be growing up. Niall’s rumoured love interest Laura Whitmore was one of the first to sample the boy’s new perfume at last night’s launch, we wonder what she thought about Niall’s ‘more manly’ look?

1. Louis Tomlinson

What is Louis up to with this patchy effort? (PRPhoto)

As much as we hate to say it, Louis Tomlinson’s stubble wasn’t quite doing at last night’s bash. Louis’ patchy stubble meant his usually clean-cut and preppy self, look, dare we say it, a little scruffy. Alike band mate Harry Styles, Louis can be seen looking a little more macho these days sporting tattoos, but we think that his new love of stubble may just be a step too far.

Get rid of it Louis