One Direction Fans Hit Back At Zayn Malik ‘Pimping Islam’ Claims 

One Direction fans have rallied around Zayn Malik after he was accused of trying to convert young fans to Islam.

The singer, who has a British Pakistani father and an English mother, is apparently ‘pimping Islam’ to children.

Debbie Schlussel, an anti-Islam commentator, has warned parents to “keep their daughters away” from the band and their music because of the teen.

Schlussel also claimed Zayn’s Arabic tattoos and social media reach is pushing his religion onto his fans.

She wrote: “He not only tweeted about fasting for Ramadan, but told fans that Allah is the only god and that only Mohammed is God’s true prophet.

“Not the kind of thing you expect your kids to hear sandwiched in between cheesy, saccharin-sweet songs coming out of the mouths of over-moussed and over-gelled boy band tools.

“Keep your daughters away from Zayn Malik’s enticing jihad.”

Schlussel also said: “With the boy band One Direction, it’s all about pimping Islam amid the deceptive visage of angelic, effeminate boys in a band. Yup, for them there is definitely One Direction: facing Mecca.”

One Direction fans, aka Directioners, have now taken to twitter to defend Zayn using the hashtag #TurkishDirectionersAreProudOfMuslimZayn.

One fan tweeted: ”We Will Support You Till We Die @ZaynMalik #TurkishDirectionersAreProudOfMuslimZayn and I will love you till the end of time. ?”

While another added: ”@zaynmalik Don’t care what people say about you, true directioners know the real Zayn! 🙂 #TurkishDirectionersAreProudOfMuslimZayn”

Zayn Malik has yet to respond to the claims. Entertainmentwise has contacted his press team on the matter.

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