Olympian Plushenko Lacks Figure Skating Class

You knew that it was coming. When Olympian Yevgeny Plushenko took silver in men’s figure skating the other night, he jumped up on the gold medal podium before descending to the silver. It was pretty classless.

Then, as America’s national anthem played, he looked disinterested and aloof. Strike two as far a good sportsmanship goes.

Now he says that gold medalist Evan Lysacek is “not a true champion” because he did not perform that tough as nails quadruple jump. You know, the one that Plushenko can do? Strike three on Plushenko.

What’s funny is there’s nothing in the Olympic rules that say a figure skater has to perform a quad to win gold. If they did, many an Olympics would never have a gold medalist in figure skating.

Sorry, former champion Plushenko but your effort was subpar and simple even with your quad. You loaded the front of your program and then did very little in the second half. Artistically it was uninspired and, overall, a fairly nonchalant, lackadaisical performance.

You did not compete in the “quadruple jump event”, it was “men’s figure skating.” And you came in second.

The good news is that Lysacek fired back. At a news conference, he said, “I guess I was a little disappointed that someone who was my role model would take a hit at me in probably one of the most special moments of my life that I’ll never forget, regardless of what anyone said there.” Lysacek added, “For him to discredit the field is not right, it’s probably the strongest field there has ever been.”

Lysacek did congratulate Plushenko on winning his third Olympic medal.

Plushenko definitely a second-place finish in these Winter Olympics and definitely a second-class act. Lysacek—first-place on the ice and the slippery arena occupied by the media.