North West Won’t be Appearing on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

Both agreed that North should be given privacy at this time in her life and she’ll be kept away from the cameras:

“It was a no-go from the very beginning because Kim and Kanye made it clear North wasn’t going to be up for discussion. They want North to have some privacy and be able to be a child away from the cameras.”

The only time North could potentially make a slight appearance, is when she is seen in a group setting and the camera crew are unable to avoid shooting. An insider explained that she otherwise won’t be on the show at all:

”There will be times when North will be included in a group setting, where it’s impossible to edit her out. She won’t be on the show on even a semi-regular basis. E! offered big money to have North included, but her parents turned it down.”

Kris reportedly landed a huge deal for the whole family to continue making the hit tv show and E! were willing to accept their terms:

”Kudos to Kris for scoring a record-setting deal without having to give up much in terms of concessions. There was a point during the talks where it seemed E! wasn’t going to pay for the massive contract. Kris would have had another deal signed in record time, and E! wasn’t going to let that happen. Love or hate the Kardashians, the family continues to do very well in the ratings.”