‘No-One Knows How Much I Miss Him’: Kate Middleton Gets Soppy Over Dog Lupo On Australian Tour

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge was overcome on the latest leg of the royal tour when she was presented with a toy for her dog Lupo, revealing she misses him very much.

The royal left the UK on April 6 to fly to New Zealand and has now almost come to the end of her and Prince William’s 18 day tour. And it seems Kate was overjoyed to be reminded of her pet pooch Lupo, who was the only member of the family not to make the trip. She was given a toy for Lupo by 17 year-old Brydie Hawke outside the Australian National Portrait Gallery in Canberra on Thursday.

“Oh, thank you very much,” she reportedly said, according to The Express. “Everyone gives presents for George but nobody knows how much I’m missing my own dog.

Kate accepts gifts outside the National Portrait Museum (SplashNews)

“This is the first present I’ve received for my dog and I’m really happy because I do miss him. He’ll be really happy to have this to play with.”

Brydie and her family waited six hours to give the Duchess the gift, with her mum Karen admitting it had all been worth it.

“The idea of giving the Duchess the toy dog came to us after we had seen a photograph of all the family, including their dog,” she explained.

Kate, Prince William and Lupo  (Splash News)

“We thought how nice it would be to give them a present strictly for the dog.

“It was just a token – I think I paid about $20 for it – but she seemed to really appreciate it.”

Kate won’t have to wait long to see her beloved pet, the family will be heading back to the UK at the end of this week.