Nightmares Under the Knife – Celebrities and Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

Has she or hasn’t she? Beyoncé Knowles

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Many of us worry about losing our looks as we get older, but find that there’s very little we can do about it. Some of the biggest stars of stage and screen in the world often take drastic measures to keep their looks, even if they seem to be losing the battle against the aging process.

Fortunately for celebs, they have the money to keep looking impossibly youthful.

Sadly, for some stars that plump for something as extreme as plastic surgery, it doesn’t always go to plan. Some emerge from their operations looking worse than they did before they went under the knife, while others look impossibly beautiful or a little odd.

We’re all intrigued about horror stories involving celebs and plastic surgery gone wrong, so here are a couple of examples:


The much-loved singer has tried to prolong her career well into her 50’s, and saw her appearance as key. Over the years, Madge has exercised, dieted and gone under plenty of operations in order to stop ageing, but now, her appearance has been talked about more than her music!

At 54, she’s still keeping her career intact, but in an attempt to keep pace with youthful stars like Lady Gaga, she’d doing all she can to appear young. However, it could all be in vain if recent pictures are anything to go by.

Donatella Versace

If there was any star that represented a better advert against going under the knife, surely it’s the 58-year-old fashion designer Donatella Versace. Younger sister of the deceased Gianni Versace, her attempts to try and look good have failed. Her infamous ‘trout pout’ is a prime example of the dangers of cosmetic surgery.

Stay safe, guys

If there’s something you don’t like about your appearance or if you’ve been horrifically injured in a freak accident, cosmetic surgery should be considered as a last resort. According to First4Lawyers, as many as 70,000 operations are at risk of going wrong every year in the UK, so it’s important to be aware of the problems which could arise from plastic surgery.