Nicole Scherzinger Reveals How Tom Odell Helped Ease Lewis Hamilton Break-Up Pain

Nicole Scherzinger has explained that she found unexpected comfort in Tom Odell when she temporarily split from Lewis Hamilton.

The ‘Your Love’ hitmaker has revealed that her heartbreak left her “desperate” to focus on songwriting, and it was Odell with whom she ended up working.

Speaking to Digital Spy, she recalled: “I was going through a very rough time in my life. I was going through a break-up.

“As an artist, the only way I was able to escape from the pain and the hurt and the loss was to write – I was desperate.”

On how Odell entered her crosshairs, she continued: “I was in a hotel and I was like, ‘I need to get out of here and just write. Can you get me a piano player?’ My assistant recommended Tom Odell.

“I went to the studio, met him and we wrote right away. It was awesome… it was f**king awesome. I love artists who have many different levels to them.

“Tom could be the very vulnerable singer-songwriter and then rock out. We could have a completely different version of the song.”

Still, we probably can’t expect to hear the track any time soon – as Tricky and The Dream have produced Nicole’s entire upcoming album.

‘Your Love’, its lead single, is out on July 13.

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