Nicole Scherzinger Refuses To Commit To Second Season Of X Factor USA?

With the X Factor USA coming to an end, we thought that the judges would start counting the days until the show started up again. However, it looks as though Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t want to think that far ahead.

Failing to give a straight answer regarding her return to the show at the X Factor USA press conference, Digital Spy reports the former Pussycat Doll saying that she would rather “live in the moment” instead:

“For me, what’s important is to live in the moment. I’ve got to get Josh through this and to come out swinging. So I’m just going to focus on doing a really good job with Josh here.

“I’ve had a lot of fun this season. The reason I took this job is I wanted to mentor, first and foremost… It has been very hard on me, the elimination process. It’s something I could never have been prepared for.”

Maybe the backash and death threats she got following Rachel Crow and Drew Ryniewicz’s elimination from the show, are making Nicole think twice about her future on the reality TV show.

Fans of the show tomorrow will see Nicole’s mentee Josh Krajcik go up against Melanie Amaro and Chris Rene to win the $5 million recording contract.

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