Nicole Scherzinger: Led Zeppelin Was My Men In Black 3 Inspiration

Nicole Scherzinger has just made her debut to acting with Men In Black 3 and has revealed to the masses how she prepped herself for the villainous role…

Large doses of Led Zeppelin, obviously!

The stunning singer-turned-actress has taken on the role of villain Lily Poison in the sci-fi movie, starring alongside Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin.

And she explained to BANG Showbiz that music was a very big part of her inspiration for the character:

“I listened to my heavier music and I listened to Led Zeppelin and I kind of got in that frame of mind because music is what inspires me most. I worked with my acting coach a lot and she told me about lots of crazy things to think about while I was in character, but I better not tell you what she said.”

That sounds fair enough – we all find our moods affected by the music we listen to, after all, so it makes sense that it would play a part in helping someone get into character!

Despite finding it “fricking scary” being on a film set, Nicole was ready to admit that having close friend Will Smith around was very inspiring:

“I didn’t have any scenes with Will but he’s a close friend and he is one of the most brilliant people that I know, he’s very inspiring to be around. I worked a lot with Jemaine Clement and he’s unbelievable.”

We can’t wait to see Nicole in her debut movie role when Men In Black 3 hits UK cinemas this week…

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