Nicole Richie Rushed To The Hospital


According to Star, was recently rushed to the hospital after she suddenly began spotting.  It’s no secret that when her past comes into play she is definitely considered a ‘high risk’ pregnancy, so I’m sure they are rightfully overly cautious.

Nicole was immediately rushed to L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the sources say, gripped by the fear that she could lose her baby and lose the baby’s father, Joel Madden, too!

Nicole has a litany of troubling medical issues. She’s been in rehab multiple times for addictions to heroin and pills, and she’s admitted to alcohol and cocaine abuse and eating disorders.

So when she began spotting, there was no hesitation — she was rushed directly to the hospital, the source tells Star. Nicole’s many health issues make her pregnancy “high risk,” say experts.

“She’s absolutely at a greater danger of miscarrying than most women,” says Troy Hailparn, M.D., a San Antonio ob-gyn, who has not treated the Simple Life star. “Through some miracle, she managed to get pregnant and survive the first trimester, when most women with her history would suffer a miscarriage — but she’s not out of the woods yet.”

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