Nicole Kidman Saves Hugh Jackman

Nicole Kidman Saves Hugh Jackman

Nicole Kidman reportedly saved co-star Hugh Jackman?s life during the filming of Baz Luhrmann’s ?Australia?.

The pair were lying in a sleeping bag during a night shoot when Nicole spotted a deadly scorpion crawling up Hugh’s leg.

According to the The National Enquirer the fearless actress immediately leapt into action.

“Nicole gasped when Hugh opened the cover invitingly to reveal a poisonous scorpion creeping up his leg.

?She calmly told him not to move and squatted down, scooped the arachnid into her hat and walked over to the woods and released it.”

When asked why she didn’t kill the poisonous critter, Nicole said: “I would never kill an animal. Every creature here has its purpose.”

A powerful alternative to botox perhaps?