Nicole Kidman ‘Refuses To Comment On Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorce’

In the wake of the news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce people have looked to his second ex, Nicole Kidman, to see if she had any insight into the split but she “won’t talk” about it.

FOX have claimed that sources have said that despite having two children together, Isabella and Connor, the two have not really spoken as communication between them “is very limited”.

The ‘Australia’ actress does not want to get dragged into the split, as sources have told Fox411’s Pop Tarts: “Nicole won’t talk, wants her privacy and wants to be left out of this and they (she and Cruise) don’t speak much. Communication between her and Tom is very limited.”

Nicole and Tom were married for 10 years, but the actress was left reeling after the actor filed for divorce just two months after they renewed their wedding vows.

But she’s not after revenge despite her children spending much of their time with their father in the US and Nicole is even said to be “avoiding” her friends in a bid to side-step the topic.

“Nicole really does not want to be dragged into this or say anything to anyone,” said the insider. “At some point though, she will probably be forced to say something, and she will most likely support Tom for the sake of their children.”

Nicole’s representative has been contacted regarding the divorce news, but declined to comment on the news of Katie and Tom’s divorce but according to Fox, they did add that it was ‘inaccurate’ that Nicole wanted to keep a low profile following the divorce.

Unlike Nicole, Katie has filed for sole custody of her child with Tom, the ‘Batman Begins’ actress has filed papers in a bid to keep six-year-old Suri with her.

Talking to Hello! Magazine in 2010, Nicole opened up about her children’s living situation.

“They live with Tom in Los Angeles, which was their choice. I’d love them to live with us, but what can you do?”

Nicole now mainly lives in Nashville with her husband Keith Urban and their daughter Sunday and Faith.