Nicki Minaj’s Diva Ways Slammed By Acts At T In The Park

Nicki Minaj is well known for being a diva but she may have taken it too far at this weekend’s T In The Park festival as fellow artists at the Scotland event took to Twitter to slam her behaviour towards crew.

Other artists on the bill for the Scottish festival this weekend expressed their outrage at the antics of both the rapper and her crew at the Kinross event.

The rapper was nearly an hour late taking to the stage and gave no fans an explanation to why.

Singer Frank Turner tweeted: “You can (I suppose) be a d*ck to your own crew, you’re paying them. But everyone else? Not to mention the people out front. Ugh.”

“To clarify: Nicki Minaj has been being a total selfish s*ithead to all the hardworking crew backstage at T. Pathetic. F*** off,” added Turner.

Also The Sleeping Souls slammed Minaj for her lack of respect for others backstage. “You know what? Nicki Minaj can just f*** right off,” the band tweeted.

“I know nothing about her music but backstage her security guy just pushed a crew person off the path into the mud so she could walk past.”

Minaj later told her Twitter followers she was feeling unwell before the gig, writing, “Still sick but the show must go on… right?”

Do we believe her?

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