Nicki Minaj’s Booty Comes From ‘Buckets Of Spicy Fried Chicken’

Just like Kim Kardashian’s famous behind, most people are baffled by Nicki Minaj’s ass-ets, and now we know how she’s acquired such an ample rear because her rider has been revealed, and on her list of demands was “buckets of fried chicken spicy”.

The ‘Super Bass’ rapper told Wonderland magazine that she asks for lots of food on her rider as well as roses and weirdly enough – scented candles, that have to smell like baked goods. No vanilla then.

Nicki, 29, who has only one album has got a diva style rider that’s for sure as she asks for scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, toast and Belgian waffles with strawberries, syrup and cream for each of her shows and even gives instructions on how it is to be prepared.

The Young Money rapper continues with “buckets of fried chicken spicy – no thighs, lots of wings”, a large cheese platter, a tray of cold meats, a fruit platter, salad and a set of silverware, as well as lots of drinks.

Aside from food items, she’s got to have two dozen pink or white roses, those candles tea with lemon and honey, chewing gum, throat lozenges, and “Singer’s throat spray”.

A “very important” item includes two Space Heaters and a humidifier, contact lens solution and a case. We’re just wondering if you can walk in to a shop and say ‘please may I have a scented candle that smells like baked goods’. How bizarre.