Nicki Minaj should be embarrassed! And so should her fans

I just read here that Nicki Minaj did a performance in Angola, which is a dictatorship, for $2 million. The dictator of Angola is this a@#hole named José Eduardo dos Santos. He doesn’t think kindly of people who espouse peaceful agendas.  He just has them rot in jail. Read about the story of the rapper Lusty Beinao.

According to the article, “Dos Santos’s security services have been linked to a massacre of religious dissidents earlier this year, an incident that has drawn the attention of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.”

When Minaj was criticized by some human rights group, she responded in the following way:

“Every tongue that rises up against me in judgment shall be condemned.”
What a princess! If only she would stay in Angola…maybe in jail with Beinao, so she could learn some humility and shame. I used to be a fan. I’m so embarrassed that I ever was.
Uh oh, I fear now that I shall be condemned.