Nicki Minaj: Madonna Is My Inspiration

Nicki Minaj has released a fun and explicit video for ‘Beez In The Trap’ sporting green hair, a skimpy outfit and golden knuckle-dusters. 

And she’s also revealed that Madonna is her number-one musical inspiration!

Minaj told The Today Show that Madonna is one of the biggest inspirations in her music career. And it’s easy to see the parallels if you know where to look for them…

Beez In The Trap (Explicit)

Both singers have a track record in outrageous outfits, explicit content and controversial lyrics. Madonna’s most recent video for ‘Girls Gone Wild’ had an age restriction slapped on it for these very reasons, and it seems as if  Nicki Minaj could have the same issue here!

The 29-year-old rapper is seen getting down and dirty in a lap dance club in her new provocative video, complete with skimpy outfit and a smidgeon of girl-on-girl action.

Minaj explained to The Today Show that Madonna has been a key source of inspiration throughout her musical career:

“She’s re-invented not only herself but pop culture. What inspires me about Madonna is that she’s able to balance this, all of this, with her family and her personal life.”

The pair recently collaborated for Madonna’s ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’, performed together at the Super Bowl and (apparently) shared a kiss on Nicki’s birthday.

Fingers crossed the pair join forces again soon…

In the meantime, Nicki is set to knock Madonna off the charts as ‘Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded’ is on course to take both the US and UK number one spot this evening.

 Madonna and Nicki Minaj share the Super Bowl stage