Nicki Minaj Aims Foul-Mouthed Twitter Rant At Journalists Whilst Her Fans Tweet Death Threats

Nicki Minaj has gone on another foul mouthed rant on Twitter after hitting out at a number of journalists. The star’s rant resulted in her fans sending a trail of abuse and death threats to the reporters over the social networking site.

The star was left furious after reading an article noting her bad attitude after she allegedly refused to answer a question backstage at American Idol earlier this week.

The American Idol-Diva, took to twitter to slam Access Hollywood journalist Laura Saltman after she wrote a telling article about Nicki’s behavior backstage, when refusing to answer a question about her recent Twitter rant about fellow judge Mariah Carey.

In a series of tweets responding to Saltman’s article Nicki wrote:




Nicki’s foul tweets continued as she claimed the reporter had tried to insult her intelligence as she wrote : “Lol. They dont realize how intelligent we are, so they constantly try to insult our intelligence. I will run circles around u pieces of s**t”.

Nicki didn’t stop there, as she made sure to condemn the journalists who dared to ask her questions she didn’t feel were rleavnt to the show.

“But shout out to all the REAL journalists who were there and asked questions about AMBER and the rest of the CONTESTANTS!!! *salutes u*”.

It seems as though no journalist could escape her wrath, as she also slammed another reporter Billy Bush, calling him out as a fake Ryan Seacrest.

The star even tweeted the popular American Idol host claiming to have found his comparative other.

“ay yo @RyanSeacrest , looks like I found your stunt double…I call dis young Diva Lyin Seacrest… @billybush”. Choosing to stay out of the feud the TV host did not reply.

In another extreme display of anger she even dropped the c-bomb, as she compared her rants to that of rapper Kanye West : “The audacity of you to call me n?sty with your one sided journalism. Thats what u ppl do. Yes. I AM the female Kanye c**t @billybush”.

Since the rant, a number of abusive messages were sent to Laura Saltman, who also took to Twitter to hit back at death threats. She wrote: “So disturbing the hate some people have in their veins. I think my last retweet shows that. Very sad when it comes to this. Done. Goodnight.”

Nicki has been the centre of a number of feuds during her short time on the show, and had earlier called out her co-judge Mariah Carey as ‘bitter’ and ‘insecure’.

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