Nick Jonas Is Not An Actor

Even though he has acted in two movies and has made cameo appearances on TV, Nick Jonas has insisted that he is not an actor.

Talking to MTV News, the star who has stared in two of Disney’s Camp Rock movies with his brothers Joe and Kevin, said:

“I think with anything, it helps to have a couple of experiences under your belt before you go and do something like a cameo or something like that. We were able to do a couple seasons of the TV show for Disney Channel and then two movies for them as well, so I’ve done some acting. But I would never really consider myself an actor.

“When the right roles come up and when it’s something I feel like I can contribute to in some way, I like doing it.”

Maybe Glee is perfect for the singer after we revealed yesterday that Nick said he would be “honoured” if he was offered a role on the hit show.

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