Nick Grimshaw Explains Why Harry Styles Is So Attractive

Harry Styles is one of the hottest stars on the planet with women lining up to date the One Direction stud, but what makes him so popular? BFF Nick Grimshaw has revealed all in a new interview and he should know, he spends more time staring at his dreamy mug than the lot of us!

The Radio 1 DJ, who is the teenage popstar’s number one partying partner, revealed in a new interview that he’d actually turned to scientific reasoning about why the curly haired cutie is so popular and according to Nick it’s because of his “average face”.

The 28 year-old told Glamour magazine: “When he came on the show we got a psychologist on to explain why he was so fit, and she said that it was because out of all the members of One Direction, he’s got the most average face.”

Well we’re glad Nick explained it to us!

Harry and Nick are thick as thieves on night out (WENN)

The lads blossoming friendship has certainly caused speculation as to why the teenage popstar and the radio personality click but according to Grimmy, it’s not that “weird” for the two to get so close.

“It’s not that weird, is it?” Nick, 28 told Now magazine.

“It seems totally normal to me: a DJ being mates with a popstar. It’s not like he’s some weirdo who can’t talk. He’s really funny.”

Explaining how the two became friends, Harry said last year: “We chatted a little bit and then we kept bumping into each other. Then we hung out a couple of times. We have the same sense of humour and we’re from the same place.

“His brother’s from where my dad lives. He’s just so funny. You can hear that on the radio – he just makes me laugh a lot.”

These two are so cute!