Nick Carter on His Issues: “Alcoholism is Definitely a Struggle For Me”


Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter has candidly opened up on his struggle with alcoholism, admitting that it can still be a problem for him. The singer says he still enjoys a drink or two sometimes but is much more moderate and in control of his drinking habits now because he’d prefer to be sober. He reveals that while he can still find it difficult, he believes he’s winning his battle with his problem now:

“I have had occasional drinks at times, and it’s something that I struggle with because I’m not perfect. But, at the same time, I enjoy being clean and sober more. Alcoholism is definitely a struggle for me. I’m taking it one day at a time, working on myself, and I’m winning the battle.”

Nick also admits it is the most hard when he is in a club or surrounded by other drinkers but he is trying to learn from his past and won’t be swayed by those experiences anymore. He believes therapy has helped him greatly and he’s working things out as he progresses:

“I think it’s all about learning from those experiences and continuing therapy, continuing to work on the reasons why someone turns to alcohol. That’s why I wrote this book – this is just the beginning, the first chapter, really. I’m 33 years old, I’m still living life… but it’s still a work in progress. I haven’t figured it out – I have issues, I definitely have problems, but I start with acknowledging that I do have a problem and face it head on.”