Niall Horan’s Ex Girlfriend Tells 1D Fans To ‘F**k Off’ After Hoax Claiming She Was Dead

The ex-girlfriend of One Direction star Niall Horan has hit back at those who started it a cruel twitter rumour that she had died of cancer, tweeting “I’m not dead or pregnant!”

The teenager, who dated the Irish singer years before he found fame became the latest lady linked to the boy band to be attacked online. Rumours of her death began after one user posted a message claiming that the Mullingar school girl had died of cancer.

They tweeted: “Guys, I had some really bad news, Niall’s ex-girlfriend Holly has passed away due to cancer.

“In respect, I will be posting a picture soon of both of them.”

The hoax soon spread throughout Twitter with the tag ‘# RIP Holly’ trending across the world.

But Holly soon hit back at those responsible for the attack with a foul-mouthed message insisting that she was alive and healthy.

“Seriously all you f****** one direction fans need to f*** off and make up rumours about someone else! Bye now c:”

She even attacked her ex-boyfriend, claiming that the new man in her life was better than her now world famous ex.

“I have a boyfriend, whose A LOT better than niall f****** horan :L shut up, and get a life?”

A source close to Niall slammed those behind the ‘sick hoax’ and added that the singer would not be happy about how his ex-girlfriend had been treated.

They told The Sun: “This is just some sick hoax — Holly is absolutely fine and in Mullingar. She went out with Niall for a while years ago but now has girls giving her abuse online every day of the week.

“Niall won’t be happy when he hears how far these fans have gone with someone who knew him long before all of this.”

It isn’t the first time that One Direction’s girlfriends have been attacked by jealous fans. Last week Louis Tomlinson posted on the social networking site that he was “p***ed off” about a campaign against his current girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

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