Niall Horan Farts the “Most Out of Everyone” in One Direction

"One Direction: This Is Us" New York City Premiere - Arrivals

Prepare for too much information, all thanks to Zayn Malik. The ‘One Direction’ singer has revealed that Niall Horan farts the “most out of everyone”. Yep, apparently we needed to know that gross tidbit. Zayn commented recently that Niall has a bad habit of unleashing “noisy” gas and it has become such a regular occurrence that they band are now immune to the horrible smell that surrounds them when Niall is around:

”He doesn’t like me telling people, but Niall farts the most out of everyone! The thing with him is that they’re really noisy, but they don’t actually smell that bad. They’re kind of bearable – or I might have become immune to them! It’s just like really loud air coming out of his bum.”

Zayn also insists that the boys are “all big kids” and enjoy playing with fun toys that they collect – they have several items that they have a blast with including lightsabers:

”We’re all big kids when it comes to toys and stuff. We have big lightsabers, a few toys and an Iron Man mask. We just like messing about with toys, but I think we’re past the teddy bear stage now, haha! But lightsabers are cool.”

Photo: PRPhotos