New Moon Cullen House Up For Sale: Take The Tour

If you’d quite fancy waking up in Edward Cullen’s bed (not that he actually sleeps in it, of course), and have a spare $3.3 million knocking about, you might want to consider snapping up this stunning Vancouver property.

The three-floor pad is home to Robert Pattinson’s bloodsucking Cullen clan in vampire movie New Moon – and it’s just gone on the market.

It’s the setting for a pivotal scene in the Twilight sequel, where Edward’s adopted brother Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) lunge for Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) when she bleeds from a paper cut.

But with filming of the third movie Eclipse recently wrapped, and shooting on future instalments expected to relocate back to the US, it’s been put up for sale with an asking price of $3,298,000.

Real estate agent Jason Soprovich describes the property as “The Cullen House, as seen in the recent world-wide hit saga ‘Twilight: New Moon’.”

According to Soprovich, the four-bedroom pad, which boasts an outdoor pool and hot tub, is “situated on a private 1/2 acre creek side…nestled amongst a gorgeous greenbelt & towering trees. Tastefully remodelled by Brian Hemingway, this home has been transformed into a one of a kind master piece, with the finest detail & quality available.”

But if you’re hoping to run into R-Pattz when you move in, you’re likely to be disappointed as it’s understood the house will not be used as a filming location for future Twilight movies.