New Evidence Suggests That Taylor Swift DID Crash The Wedding

Kathie Lee Gifford, host of the Today show, has joined forces with stepdaughter Vicki Gifford Kennedy in accusing Taylor Swift of crashing a wedding last weekend.

Oh that’s right, let’s all gang up on Taylor Swift – anyone else wanna bet she’s writing a song about this injustice?

Gifford announced on the Today show that, yes, Taylor Swift turned up at the Kennedy uninvited and revealed that SHE was the one who suggested the country singer be asked to leave:

“The truth is, because I was there, Vicki’s … account of what happened is accurate… She said to me as it was happening, ‘I’m really not happy about this.’”

She also confirmed that Taylor WAS asked to leave, not just once but “twice”. Awkward.

Kathie Lee Gifford is the stepgrandmother of the bride, Kyle Kennedy, meaning that she was sure to back up Vicki Gifford’s claims that Taylor Swift turned up to the wedding bash on the arm of Connor Kennedy, despite being asked not to show up.

However the Today host did suggest that, just maybe, the ‘Enchanted’ singer didn’t actually know she wasn’t supposed to be at the nuptials:

“I’m not sure she knew she wasn’t invited.”

So Taylor, the Giffords are giving you two options; either you’re rude and you shouldn’t have been at Kyle Kennedy’s wedding, or you’re stupid and you shouldn’t have been at Kyle Kennedy’s wedding.

Taylor Swift’s people continue to insist that the pretty blonde singer WAS invited to the happy nuptials and that Kyle Kennedy thanked her “profusely” for showing.

We’re tempted to believe them. After all, who wouldn’t want Taylor Swift at their wedding?