Need For Speed Star Aaron Paul Talks Breaking Up With Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Paul became a household name as the troubled drug dealer with a heart, Jesse Pinkman, in the hit show Breaking Bad and after finishing last year fans have been left with a gaping hole and so has the actor.

In an interview with The Mirror, the actor talks about his new role in Need For Speed, and admits that he never thought there would be a role as good as Jesse.

When asked if he was worried when the show ended, he said: “I was a little bit. I knew there would be jobs. I also knew the quality of the jobs wouldn’t be on a par with Breaking Bad, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Breaking Bad was such a high plateau.”

The actor, who won two Emmys for his role as Jesse, also admits that he was seriously surprised by the reception to the series and that fans are still talking about.

“A lot of people just won’t let it go and a lot are re-watching it. It’s still very fresh in most people’s minds,” he explained.

“Especially the last two years, after Netflix, with people binge-watching it, it just blew up. It became a worldwide phenomenon.”

Of the last day of filming, Aaron revealed that it was just himself and Bryan Cranston, who starred as Walter White, shooting and it was very emotional.

“Bryan [Cranston] and I were the only cast working and it was a flashback scene. Anyway, everyone started crying and there was not a dry eye on the crew. It was an emotional experience.”

Aaron, who is married to director Lauren Parsekian, says that the couple may collaborate on a future job.

“We’ve definitely talked about that. It would be nice to do a feature together,” he said.