Naomi Watts Worried About ‘Diana’ Role Because of Princes’ Reactions


Naomi Watts has taken on the challenging role of Princess Diana in a new film which details her romance with Dr Hasnat Khan, and according to Naomi, she was nervous about the part and almost didn’t take it because of how Diana’s sons Harry and William might feel about it.  She commented that she even bumped in to William at a restaurant and couldn’t look at him because of the part:

“The biggest reason that made me pause was how the princes were going to be feel about this. There was actually quite an eerie moment in London when I did see Prince William in a restaurant, and I got very nervous, because if I caught his eye I didn’t want to interpret a look and think he had a negative feeling about this idea, so I made sure not to look….

She added that she really cares about how Diana’s sons feel about the film but she thinks that the film was quite inevitable too:

“I do care deeply about how the princes feel, of course. I am a mum of two boys. But it was a story that was bound to be told at some point, and it’s possibly fresher than people expected.”

Dr Hasnat Khan, who romanced Diana before her death, has slammed the new film and doesn’t believe it tells very much of the truth:

“I could tell immediately those were never our mannerisms at all, with [my] hands folded behind the back and all that. You could tell from that picture that it is all just presumed about how we would behave with each other, and they have got it completely wrong.”