Move Over Kendall Jenner: Does Harry Styles Have A New Celebrity Crush?

Harry Styles is constantly linked to beautiful celeb ladies and despite recent rumours claiming that he has been enjoying a “secret romance” with Daisy Lowe, as well as recently dating Kendall Jenner, those Neon Jungle girls have said that the 1D stud actually has a thing for band member Asami Zdrenka, after the pair’s recent meeting.

Asami has no doubt met her fair share of stars since the girls burst onto the music scene, but Harry certainly made his mark when the stars met at this year’s BRIT Awards, before then coming face to face once again at a London party.

“He was really nice and it was really weird because obviously I’m a really big fan of One Direction but when I was talking to him I didn’t feel like I was talking to Harry from One Direction,” Asami told Heatworld about her hang outs with the Kiss You superstar.

“I just thought I was talking to Harry Styles who just so happened to be in the same business as me.”

However, despite Asami going all “professional” and her meeting with Harry, her bandmates think that the curly haired hunk sees the blonde as more than a work colleague.

“I reckon there were sparks,” bandmate Amira said. “He whispered in my ear that she’s hot.”

“Yeah same,” Jess added. “He said that she’s amazing. He said ‘Asami’s really hot!’ and I was like ‘Yeah she is isn’t she!’.”

Do we have a new showbiz couple on our hands?