Model Cailin Russo Kisses & Tells on Justin Bieber Video Smooch

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19-year-old model Cailin Russo stars in Justin Bieber’s new music video ‘All That Matters’ and gets up close and personal with Biebs – the two shared a kiss on camera for the video. Now, Cailin has spoken on what it was like to lock lips with such a famous star and she admits she was quite overwhelmed by the whole experience. She even reveals that she got a speeding ticket after leaving the video filming because she was on such a high following the encounter:

 ”In the beginning it was kind of weird because I had never kissed anyone on set that passionately or that famous – kissinghim was nice. I got butterflies and I do still to this day. After the shoot wrapped it felt so surreal, I even got a speeding ticket after because I was on such a high. I guess you could say I wouldn’t mind doing it again.”

Contrary to his public image, Cailin comments that he is actually a very down-to-earth person who didn’t try to show off. She even describes the singer is “humble” and didn’t flash anything in front of her:

 ”He was humble. He didn’t try to be all flashy. He wasn’t like check out my guns or my six pack. He was down to earth on the shoot and he was so nice to everyone. He smelled really nice, like cologne. And his breath was really fresh all day.”

Cailin and Justin are rumored to be dating and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez doesn’t appear to be happy about the news, taking to her Instagram account to write an indirect jab at the singer and his model choice. Cailin commented on Selena’s words and the star couple’s relationship:

“Selena is a superstar and I’m just a girl in a video. She’s his ex and I’m sure they still have feelings for each other, I’m sure there might be bitterness, but I was just doing my job. She posted a picture on Instagram that said, ‘I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh… #nomakeup #hatewhengirlssaythat.’ It was clearly directed at him with me in the video, but like I said I was just doing my job.”

Photo: PRPhotos