‘Missionary On A Thursday’: Lily Allen Jokes About Sex Life With Husband Sam Cooper

Lily Allen may have mimicked Beyonce and Jay Z on stage over the weekend but one place she won’t be replicating her moves is the bedroom, joking that her sex life with husband Sam Cooper extends to the missionary position on a Thursday night.

The ‘Hard Out Here’ singer is a huge fan of the bootylicious diva and references her a couple of times on her upcoming album ‘Sheezus,’ however, when asked if she and hubby Sam try out her dance moves alongside Jay Z in their ‘Drunk In Love’ video, Lily goes all coy.

When asked if she feels like Beyonce in a romantic sense, Lily told Spotify: “NO! NEVER! “Come on, shall we dress up as Jay Z and Beyoncé?” NO!”

Making reference to a line in ‘Drunk In Love,’ in which Beyonce muses how she and Jay woke up on the kitchen floor after a night of action, Lily was then asked if she ever asks herself the same thing, but jokes: “No. There’s a time and a place for all that: in our own bed, on a Thursday. Missionary.”

The 28-year-old raised eyebrows when she graced the stage at London’s G-A-Y club on Saturday night wearing a similar outfit to the one Beyonce wears in the ‘Drunk In Love’ video, prompting many to believe that she was mocking the Grammy-winner.

However, Lily her intentions in a series of Twitter posts yesterday, writing: “Only one person can tell you what my intentions are, and that would be me.

“Wasn’t mocking Beyoncé , like I wasn’t dissing anyone on #SHEEZUS , this is so f***ing boring.

“Each time I play GAY I do a cover in drag. 1st time I did Dorothy, last time Britney, thus tone Queen Bey. Why do people jump to conclusions.”