Miranda Hart Announces New Book ‘Is It Just Me?’

Fans of Miranda Hart will be thrilled to hear that the comedy star is writing a book that’s set to hit the shelves in October.

The book is called Is It Just Me? and will feature stories and life advice delivered in Miranda’s classic style.

Twitter users will even get the chance to appear in the book, if they contribute anecdotes to @NoItsUsToo, using the #isitjustme hashtag.

Miranda explained the idea to the Daily Telegraph: “Thank you in advance for sending in your fabulous and crazy stories and embarassing anecdotes – I love you for that. I really hope it’s not just me.”

The best will be featured on a Tumblr page and then turned into a free to download ebook.

Would you share your most embarrassing stories? Would you mind that the world could see you at your worst? Let us know!