Miley Cyrus Twitter Fan Threatens To Eat Her Own Cat

A Miley Cyrus fan is threatening to eat their own cat if the Hannah Montana star doesn’t re-join the Twitterverse.

The 16-year-old was one of the most popular stars on the social networking site until earlier this month when she deleted her account because she wanted to keep her “private life” to herself.

One unidentified devotee of her regular Tweets feels so bereft they have created a website called to “raise awareness” of their campaign to get Miley back on Twitter.

Specifically, Miley must reopen her account by November 16 – or poor Fuzzy gets it.

Fuzzy’s owner explains: “The other day I asked myself: ‘What can I do to bring Miley back to Twitter?’ Fan video? Petitions? Letters? That never works. Heck, Miley even made her own video about never wanting to use Twitter again. Then I looked at my cat, Fuzzy and I realized, maybe Fuzzy can help. Fuzzy can make the ultimate sacrifice for this cause. It was very difficult for me, you see, as I sincerely love Fuzzy. But my mind is made up. I could always get another cat, but nothing can replace Miley’s tweets for me! “

Thankfully, we’re assured that Fuzzy will receive a “quick and swift death and I’ll try to minimize his suffering.”

So, what’s it gonna be Miley? Get back to Tweeting about your private life or live the rest of your life knowing you’re responsible for the demise of a poor, defenseless animal?

Alternatively, you could simply ignore the protest as there’s a very real possibility it’s an inventive ploy by someone who wants to make their moggy a trending topic on Twitter.

Disclaimer: We here at Entertainmentwise in no way condone killing cats – it’s just not on.