Miley Cyrus Treats Couple To A Free Meal After Being ‘Too Noisy’ In New York Restaurant?

Miley Cyrus may be hitting headlines across the globe because of her constant eccentric behaviour, but it seems, aside from the awards shows and the cameras, the former Hannah Montana star is really down-to-earth, with new reports claiming she paid for a couple’s meal in NYC recently after she was a little too loud whilst they tried to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

The Wrecking Ball babe was allegedly “causing a scene” when she and a friend went into an upmarket eatery in New York, but Miley made an effort to go up to the couple in the restaurant, apologise and even leave $100 to cover their bill, before posing for pics with them.

A witness explained to the National Enquirer: ”She went over and apologised and told the folks, ‘I’m sorry, I’ve just had too much caffeine today.’ Then she asked the couple about themselves.”

The report comes after a recent source also added of Miley’s Saturday Night Live appearance: ”Everyone expected Miley to show up with major attitude – but were stunned when she turned out to be a major sweetheart.

”She went out of her way to be kind to everyone – just plain old nice – posing for pictures backstage and signing autographs for the crew.”

Miley reportedly paid for a couple’s meal in NYC recently (WENN)

Meanwhile, fellow showbiz star Tinie Tempah has recently opened up about Miley and her “plan”, saying that the blonde star is no fool and has managed to break free from her Disney image successfully.

“She’s branding herself as Miley Cyrus, she’s picking the right moment to do the right thing. It’s not like you ever catch her off camera or hear about her in a private club. That never happens. It’s only when she’s on TV, at an awards show,” Tinie told The Daily Mirror.

He doesn’t see her raunchy VMA performance or her naked Wrecking Ball music video in a bad light because he thinks they had their intended effect in Miley’s plan for great album sales.

“She picks the right moment to do things to get people talking… she clearly has a plan. She’s clearly trying to get everyone talking about her,” he continued.

“And everyone is talking about her so therefore she’s getting what she wants out of it and her album is selling really well and people are buying her music so it seems like the plan is working.”