Miley Cyrus Thinks Elvis Was the Original Twerker

Miley believes Elvis also used to twerk on stage and was very provocative, but his movements were only seen as sexy and not racy like her performances. She thinks it’s a big “double standard” that she is called out for her sexy stage dance moves and she thinks it’s just because she’s a woman instead of a man. Miley explained that although Elvis didn’t wear thong suits on stage, it is basically the same thing (sort of!):

”Elvis, he wasn’t wearing the outfits I was wearing but he was coming out and he was doing, like, the OG twerking. Like, no one wants to admit that he was twerking, but he was. He was, like, sex. He was a symbol of sex but no one would have ever called Elvis a s**t because he wasn’t a girl. It’s that double standard and I think I’m doing something for the double standard.”

The singer also further commented on her huge hit ‘Wrecking Ball’, which is rumored to be about her split from Liam Hemsworth. She says the song is all about finding yourself as an individual:

”It’s about finding yourself and sometimes you have to separate yourself from everyone. I just had to become this person who is sitting in this chair right now. If I didn’t I just felt like there was something that was going to explode and I had to set myself free.”